Meet Ray

This morning, I met Ray.  Not in person, but through the beautiful network that is social media.  His story was posted by a pediatric physical therapy colleague, and was so moving for me that I wanted to share it here.  Ray’s video tells the story of a child who – like all children – wants to participate in life with his family and friends.  He has spinal muscular atrophy, a rare degenerative neuromuscular disease.  He will not get better, but Ray’s family simply wants to make him the best he can be for as long as he can be.  They need help funding an addition to their house so Ray can use his power wheelchair to move around his home and play with his brother, Ethan.

I have had the privilege of knowing many children like Ray, and I have seen the difference that mobility makes in their lives.  I have also experienced firsthand the frustration families face when trying to fund the equipment (including special vehicles, ramps, and home additions) needed to provide their child with the simple freedom that almost all of us take for granted – mobility.  Want to help give Ray freedom?  Click here:

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